Monday, April 26, 2010

Rippled Drragss

Ravens of falling helium
I’m rust ..
I’m shuffling cards
Of black numbers
Black skins of a television ghost
Inflicted with grease like eyes
Listen ..the suburban winds come
Stained all glass of all damn obsessions
Towards the tablet monotone
All hearts,chains, stifling hairs..
Snarls of goats all around
Funeral stockings..we burn burn the helium
Get me up and paint my pocket
Kill the claws
Fetch the motorhead
Postulate all regulations to die
..don’t have a snake
No no balls to nightless rubber straws
Hashish and a railroad gypsy day
I’m crab dragging myself towards the television hues
Darkness turns into relaxing grease..grease and
Methane shoes..pentatonic ulcer..
I’m crab dragging myself behind the truck
With all deadheaded prurience
Plunged into yellow lust
Lagger & lust

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