Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Cars wept all day long
Wreckers were lost
I killed the prophet of stars
Told me the summer brook

-Sweating gramophones



Who knows about the rheumatic basements
I've lost the car like a television
Fanatically free
Faces have been confined in a bott
Sundown fallacy
Bottles and shattered rains

Friday, September 3, 2010

Anaesthesia Litter

How the horns for a worm
Gurgle tonic beyond the table
For ash ..
Latex nerves I burn..burn
So immense wombs buffoons all balloons
Loss of ice..stomached under my theatre balls
Rust I am
Reeds I blow..kill the clothes
Anodes she passes through the ugly autumn..
Ruffles papers..worming of secretion to dial a railroad disguise
Loss of feet I paddle paddle down underneath
Kill her blood
Kill her frills
She’s on bones of submarine hues

Sorcerer Bulbs

So I horn the ribbons
Towards the nail-dead alley..cluster of headfield hash
Creepers flow through the demerol screes
Fierce to step weird and cat and bleeding reptile
I’m on mirror..she’s for a box
Laddered on hemispheric snakes
I shuffle the prolific cards
Acidic they growl for the fire-bugs all around
Fox fox ache my teeth my robe
I lie everyday..
Bonnet flies beyond the attic
Fiddlers.. broken off
Melting like a postman
Rambling for the ribbons all autumn rust..