Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I stand for a frozen vestibule…tamed calenders fluttering all around my commence a remarkable on turn opera..malignant nimbus in disguise..
another eclipse..anihilated crows..blood..acid..prison car..beep..beeep.beeeep…

Shoes nonsense..stepping ahead for a rapid tolerance..cabin of radio-active propulsion..
they come with pulps..wierd sailors they are..alienated god of dust & feathers
progenitor worm worm comes for the venom tube
spinal all spinal spades..snake and red hypnotic robes..sulphur..sodium..
beads..and black and skin and acid ..mor..morph..morpheus

So my skin ,bones & love…
methane full of rust
hair full of pepper
lapse of all olfaction
I’m foam nothing for fomes made of salt
beyond the weeds
and a suburb means a double decker for no reason..
humming humid notes on hemisphere brown brown floe…..